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A Trusted Real Estate Lawyer in St. John’s

The Robert P. Pittman, KC Law Office provides a full range of legal services related to residential and commercial real estate and property law in the St. John’s Area and throughout the province of Newfoundland. Our Law Office can provide you with trusted professional legal representation whether you are building, purchasing, selling, mortgaging, or refinancing. The Robert P. Pittman, KC Law Office also has extensive experience in property law particularly related to boundary disputes and property ownership issues.


Real Estate:

  • Preparation of Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Private Transactions of Purchase and Sale, Residential and Commercial

  • Preparation of Contracts for New Home Construction

  • Purchase and Sale of Residential Properties

  • Mortgage and Refinance of Residential Properties

  • Purchase and Sale of Commercial Properties

  • Financing of Commercial Properties

  • Preparation of Bills of Sale of Personal Property

  • Preparation of Release of Mortgage Documentation

Property Law:

  • Boundary Dispute Resolution

  • Civil Litigation Concerning Boundary Dispute Matters

  • Preparation of Boundary Agreements

  • Certification of Property Title

  • Investigation of Property Ownership/Chain of Possession

  • Preparation of Affidavits of Possession

  • Preparation of Deeds of Conveyance

  • Preparation of Deeds of Declaration

  • Preparation of Deeds of Rectification

  • Review of Survey and Boundary Descriptions

  • Quieting of Titles Application

Contact our office in St. John’s for your property and real estate legal matters.

Suite E110 Bally Rou Place | St. John's, NL A1A 3W8 | Telephone Number: 709-754-5154 | Facsimile Number: 709-753-5738

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