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Professional and Confidential Estate Planning


At Robert P. Pittman, KC Law Office, we will be happy to discuss your estate planning in a professional and confidential manner. Let us assist you to put in place these very important legal documents that will protect yourself; your assets; and most especially your loved ones. 

With over forty years practicing law, we are pleased to offer you our experience and expertise in St. John’s. Call us for an appointment or reach out to us via an email.

Why Is a Last Will and Testament Important?

  • To provide for your loved ones

  • To provide for specific and general bequests 

  • To provide peace of mind 

  • To ensure your estate is properly managed

  • To ensure your final wishes are known concerning the distribution of your estate


Why Is a Power of Attorney Important?

  • To conduct your financial affairs if you are unable

  • To appoint a person you trust to handle your affairs

  • To make those financial decisions you no longer can

  • To protect and manage your assets as you would do


Why Is a Health Care Directive Important? (Also Known as Living Will)

  • To protect you in the event of serious illness or accident

  • To appoint a person you trust to make decisions concerning your health care and treatments when you may not be able to do this for yourself

  • To ensure your final wishes are known concerning the disposition of your remains in the event of death.


These Three Documents Will Sound Familiar to You:

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Directive (Also known as: Living Will)


These Three Documents Will:

  • Protect your assets

  • Protect your loved ones

  • Protect yourself


These Three Documents Are: 

  • Important to think about

  • Not to worry about


Call us today and let us help you plan your estate with these three documents.

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