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Will and Estate Planning for St. Johns, NL

We Provide a Range of Legal Services in St. John’s NL

The office of Robert P. Pittman, KC is pleased to offer a broad range of legal services to the St. John’s community. Our services include:


  • Legal Representation for Various Municipal Councils as well as Individuals

  • Legal Representation in a Variety of Real Estate and Property Issues Including Purchases and Sales as well as Boundary Disputes

  • Representation in Relation to All Areas of Practice


Wills and Estate Planning

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Power of Attorney – Enduring and Forthwith

  • Advanced Health Care Directive (Living Will)

  • Probate and Administration of Estates

  • Guardianship of Estates and Guardianship Bonds

  • Litigation Contested Estates

Personal Injury/Accident

  • Litigation Related to Accidents and/or Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, etc.

  • Insurance Claims and Settlements – Personal Injuries and Property Damage

Criminal Law

  • Representation at All Levels of Court, Including Judge and Jury Trials Relating to Charges under the Criminal Code of Canada; Breaches of Provincial and Federal Statutes; Appearances before Regulatory Bodies and Tribunals.


  • Company Incorporation/ Amalgamation/ Amendment/ Continuation/Related Schedules

  • Share Purchase Agreements/ Share Acquisition/ Share Structure

  • Corporate Restructure/ Reorganization

  • Contract Preparation/ Interpretation


  • Contract Preparation/ Review/ Interpretation

  • Wrongful Dismissal

  • Employment Insurance/ Workers' Compensation Claims


  • Fishing Enterprise – Acquisition/Disposition

  • Marine Mortgages

  • Fishing Agreements

  • Vessel Purchase/Sale

  • Violations and Regulatory Breaches

Notary Services

  • General Notary Service for Witnessing Signature

  • Worldwide Accreditation for Documentation to Other Countries

  • Certification of Original Documents

  • Acceptance of Sworn Affidavits and Statements

General Legal

  • General Legal Consultation Services

We offer in-house and visitation services to our clients.

Suite E110 Bally Rou Place | St. John's, NL A1A 3W8 | Telephone Number: 709-754-5154 | Facsimile Number: 709-753-5738

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