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Contact Us for a Municipal Lawyer in St. John’s

The Robert P. Pittman, KC Law Office has represented and provided in-house legal advice and counsel for many municipalities in the province of Newfoundland. Our Law Office has extensive experience in municipal law and is pleased to offer these services to municipalities and individuals throughout the province.


Legal interpretation, representation and advice to municipalities relating to:

  • Municipal Plans, Regulations, Bylaws and Amendments thereto

  • Municipal Development Agreements and Subdivision Plans

  • Municipal Subdivision Development and Construction Issues

  • Municipal Compliance and Non-Compliance Issues

  • Municipal Enforcement Issues/Stop Work Order/Violations

  • Municipal Contracts/Agreements

  • Municipal Tax Dispute Issues/Collections

  • Municipal Property Tax Sales/Expropriation/Property Acquisition

  • Municipal Appeal Boards/Assessment Review Courts

  • Municipal Feasibility Studies/Public Hearing/Commissions

  • Legal Representation at all Judicial Levels

  • General Legal Counsel

Legal services to individuals relating to municipal issues include:

  • Municipal Dispute Resolution (i.e. permits, boundaries, taxes, violations, etc.)

  • Appeal of Council Decisions

  • Appal of Municipal Assessment

  • Development Proposals/Agreements

  • Representation at Public Hearings/Commissions

  • Civil Litigation/Court Representation at all Judicial Levels

  • Property Expropriation/Property Acquisition

  • Municipal Tax Sales/Tax Collection Issues

Please contact our office with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Suite E110 Bally Rou Place | St. John's, NL A1A 3W8 | Telephone Number: 709-754-5154 | Facsimile Number: 709-753-5738

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